Glass nail files wholesale. Buy glass nail care products in bulk directly from the manufacturer. We provide additional quantity discounts, special conditions, exclusive distributor rights.

Fulgent World welcomes cooperation with every interested client. Reasonably Fulgent World prefers long term cooperation, so parties mutually benefit from partnership.

We propose a partnership based on individual agreements, which vary from company to company mostly depending on order quantity and regularity.

We invite companies to mutually profitable partnership, which are interested in getting elegant and original products.

As a possible cooperation subject we offer our huge assortment which includes most demanding and popular products on market.

Genuine crystal glass nail files, whether decorated with Bohemian crystals or plain ones will make a perfect seller.

As well as our beauty tools assortment, which definitely covers almost everyone needs in beautiful and useful everyday tools.

Fine jewelry we offer will never be off the market, so as eternal theme of gifts and souvenirs.

We offer to our existing and future wholesale and retail partners a full supply including different types of display stands, various options of packaging and several ways of delivery.

Also Fulgent World offers private labeling and logo, on almost every product from our assortment, based on your order.

If you have any questions about terms and conditions, or any other information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.