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Alphabet letters glass nail files (26)


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Flowers Collection glass nail files (10)

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Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Animals – Dolphin- size A4, 29x21cm


Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Animals – Lion – size A4, 29x21cm


Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Animals – Wolf – size A4, 29x21cm


Our glass nail files are produced from Czech glass in Czech Republic. Most of them are hand decorated with Bohemian crystals.

Our company offers only high-quality crystal products for nails that meet the quality standards of the European Union.

We provide wide variety of different designs, sizes, colors and styles of  our products. All of them are original and unique.

You can order products with your own logo or design on a manufactured product, and product packaging. So the products will directly meet Your requirements.

Czech crystal nail files could be perfect presents for your friends and family.

Benefits of using a glass nail file

The raw material for production of crystal nail files is flat glass, so-called float glass (sheet glass similar to window glass). Glass composition corresponds to common composition of these kinds of glass, and therefore it does not contain any heavy metals or other undesirable substances.

Therefore the abrasive surface of crystal glass nail files does not wear out and has got a virtually unlimited lifespan.

After use you just put your file under warm water and then tap it on a soft towel to dry.