Fulgent World

Fulgent World – beauty brand and it is concentrated on delivery of top quality products out of tempered glass. The main focus are Glass Nail Files. Fulgent World is one of the leading manufacturers of crystal nail files in whole Czech Republic since 2006.

The benefits of cooperation with Fulgent World

For over three years, we use the BOHEMIAN and SWAROVSKI crystals in combination with other high quality materials to produce unique accessories attracting any and every female. As a result we can 100% guarantee the quality and popularity of what we are offering to you today.

Experiment with demands
without major costs

We have no requirement for minimum order. You can start discovering the quality of our products and the demand for it in your business even with a single file.

Free Samples

Contact us within 24 hours of receiving this letter and we will send you a completely free set of samples of our products.

Free shipping

to anywhere in the world when the order exceeds 5000 euros.

Compliment to your
current products

We are not offering you a substitute for any of your current products but compliment, who ever comes to your store to buysomething, they will pick up the very affordable small nail file extra. Maximizing current costumers spending.

Additional discount on
your order

As mentioned above, our prices are lower than other suppliers. Despite this, we as the manufacturer can provide you with additional discount depending on the size of your order. No other but the manufacturer can provide you with similar conditions.

Increase your customer loyalty
and better your reputation

Made in the heart of Europe; Prague, The working surface of our glass nail files cannot wear out, like diamonds, they are forever. This is because it’s created by chemical etching and is integral with the “body” of nail files. Cheaper manufacturers create a miserable quality working surface by coating, which is not durable.

Exclusive distributor rights

We are ready to discuss the conditions for the granting of exclusive rights to sell our products in your city, region or country. Contact us today for the guarantee that we will respond to your competitors with a polite refusal and give them your contact for further co-operation.