Hand painted


Hand-painting Nail Files within the traditional Czech ways of glass decoration. The painting work is very fine and meticulous; every glass nail file is a unique original. The resulting designs are little works of art. We offer a wide range of standard designs – flower, animal and abstract motifs.

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and many others... COLOR:

Colored -


Colored, multicolor and transparent glass nail files. An original glass nail files made from Czech glass. Available in multicolor, single color and transparent nail file. A different range of colors available for custom orders.

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We supply high quality czech products around the world, even in the most remote corners.

Glass nail file sets (24)

Carrier oils (25)

Glass nail files (132)

Glass cuticle pusher (6)

Glass foot files (37)

Personalized pens (11)

Handmade soap (28)


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The company Fulgent World exists more than 10 years on the Czech market as a manufacturer and exporter of unique gift items in the Czech Republic. Over time, the firm started to change strategy, and gradually establish small-scale production In 2007, the company started to make and decorate glass nail files. In 2012, the firm significantly expanded the range of products offered through the gift of handmade products. The main activity of company is manufacturing glass nail files, magnets and various gift products are handmade, with the use of Bohemian crystal. Our company offers only high-quality products that meet the quality standards of the European Union.

Our range of Souvenirs is constantly updated. Most of the designs were created by our designers in Prague. You can order products to order with your own design on a manufactured product, and product packaging, which directly meets Your requirements.

We supply high quality Czech products around the world, even in the most remote corners.


Our company provides its customers with a wide range of benefits that put our company in a more advantageous position compared to our competitors:

  • Free shipping at Prague
  • Free service and customer support. Our specialists from the sales Department can help to Orient correctly to the number and range of the ordered goods
  • The communication with our sales team 24/7, which is an advantage for the customers from North and South America, Australia and Eurasia
  • Our company is a VAT payer and this means that You will be able to provide the procedure for refund of VAT
  • Wholesale warehouse is located in Prague, the Czech capital. This ensures fast and safe delivery anywhere in the world
  • Individual approach to each client
  • A flexible system of discounts for regular customers
  • Individual attention, the production capacity of the company Fulgent World s.r.o. We are able to produce, promptly, fairly large quantities of Souvenirs, and a high ratio of employees to pack and send the order to the destination country