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Czech glass cuticle pusher is created for safe and gentle clean up and pushing back cuticles without putting much effort.

Crystal cuticle pusher is the best cuticle remover. It has 2 ends. Pointed end  removes the cuticle on the top of the nail and cuticle polishing. The beveled end works in hard-to-reach places around the edge of the nail, and is also useful for scraping dirt from under the nail.

For best results, soak fingers in warm water or treat with a few drops of moisturizer to soften the cuticle.  Works well for manicure and pedicure.

Constant use of  glass cuticle pusher makes the cuticle thinner, softer and slows down its growth. So your nails are always clean and healthy looking.

We provide retail and whole sale of our glass nail products.  There are special discounts by quantity