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фирменные сувениры

Production of souvenirs

Industry aways thriving - despite the difficult economic situation in the country. Many consumers trying to choose for their loved ones an original souvenir, willing to spend a lot of money. So why not start making money on this? And a great example of profitable business ideas in this niche will be the production of souvenirs made of wood to order. Wooden souvenir products in high demand, when compared with products from other raw materials. And the main reason for that - the use of natural ingredients. The tree seemed to keep the warmth of the hands of the master, processes it, and the song itself turns a bright and lively. Such a gift many will like!

In general, this trend can be described only on the positive side. 
Price of finished products in 2-4 times more than the funds that are spent on the purchase of raw materials. This is due to the involvement in the process was manual labor. 
The costs of business are minimal, especially if the cause will take an experienced master, because the necessary equipment may already be available. 
Souvenirs and gifts handmade wood are in high demand among consumers. 
The entrepreneur has the opportunity to organize business right at home or in the studio, avoiding the high cost of rent a separate room. 
But there is one major drawback that can 'scare' beginners - work will be seasonal. The main share of sales are usually on public holidays - February 23, March 8, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day. But this does not mean that the other days have to sit around and earnings - the problem is completely solved, if competently to build a marketing strategy, advertising their business and offering its services to corporate clients.

What plan wooden handmade souvenirs today are most in demand among customers? 
Models of cars and planes (mostly - old). 
Carved mug. 
Smoking pipes. 
Figures reflecting the Russian tradition (dolls, bears, arms, amulets). 
Carved 'landscape' panel. 
Work under the order is not less favorable, as in this case, often there are bulk orders. For example, it is very popular today, business souvenirs with the logo, and order such gifts far in a single copy. To attract customers is not superfluous to make your own portfolio, which will be stored photos do the job - so the customer will be able to appreciate the work of the master.

Materials and tools needed to work 
To get a beautiful and original souvenirs made of wood will require a specific set of materials and tools. And for beginners in this field it will be the main item of expenditure. 
The main raw material - wood. It is environmentally friendly, easy to process and can, while respecting the fundamental rules for a long time to maintain its original form, without succumbing to external negative influences. But that figure does not rassohlas not crumbled after a couple of month, the master is necessary to carefully choose the type of wood. Carved souvenirs made of wood, as a rule, they are deciduous and coniferous trees. Well-proven and in terms of appearance and in terms of resistance following trees: 











Often practice when the master does not buy wood from suppliers, and 'produces' its own (unless, of course, grow close to the necessary tree species). This is not only save money, but also help to avoid purchasing low-quality raw materials from unreliable sellers. 
Souvenirs Manufacture of wood with their hands, and also requires the use of additional materials - stains, varnishes and paints. All this is quite accessible in virtually every hardware store. In addition, on small items do not have to spend large amounts of protective compounds. 
Well, of course, work on the production of souvenirs made of wood at home is impossible without a certain set of tools and equipment at hand. On the 'equipment' home studio need to spend the largest share of the initial capital. And if for the serial production is quite suitable automatic machine for souvenirs made of wood, the product obtained with his own hands, hand tools required. While not particularly sorting out technology, the advice is better to turn to an experienced master who advises high-quality and reliable tools.