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Refrigerator magnets made of gypsum

Fridge magnets 
Refrigerators better than any other household appliances are suitable for magnets. After all, they are usually located at a short distance from the family gathering - the kitchen table. Large and single-colored surface of the front of the refrigerator door as if she's asking for something to her place for some interesting image or a concise and informative title. It presents no difficulty to understand how to make a magnet on the refrigerator with their own hands. 
Gift magnets that are easy to attach on the fridge, very popular. Because such crafts - favorite toys for children and for adults. In view of the low prices of these products on the door of the park family refrigerator is constantly subject to updating. 
These crafts are very popular with the children's audience. But also for adults to see something unusual on the home electric appliances as there is no excess.

Бизнес по производству магнитов на холодильник.