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Wooden magnets, the magnets made of wood 

Wooden magnets always look luxurious, elegant, and differ naturalness and originality. Such a gift, like a magnet made of wood, will appreciate how your business - partners, and people close to you! 
Wood magnets are produced by laser equipment. From the wooden base can be cut magnet absolutely any form and at any level of complexity - it all depends on your imagination !, for example in the form of postcards, stamps, paintings, architectural structures, buildings, monuments of culture, attractions, key to the city, coins, medals, aircraft, ship, boat, bike, car, anchor, helm, house, toys, fairy tale characters, animals, fish, clock, compass, signs of the zodiac, cutlery, cutting board, beer mugs, plates, pieces of clothing - T-shirts, caps, bags, etc. The image you want to put, get burnt on a tree or cut through. 
Wood magnets can be both single-layer and multilayer. Wood can be combined with other materials, such as wood with wood, wood with mirror plastic, with the usual flat magnets, flat magnet in a wooden frame, wood color printing with a bulk insert, etc.