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How do fridge magnets

Today, fridge magnets are very popular, so they can be seen almost in every apartment. With this in mind, many are interested in the question of how do magnets on the fridge, and that this requires. It should be noted at once that need professional equipment for mass production of high quality magnets. But at home, you can do some simple magnets and surprise your loved ones.

Production versions at home

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There are several ways of how to make vinyl magnet. The first option involves using magnetic vinyl having a thickness of about 0.4 millimeter. In this case, suitable vinyl both matte and a glossy finish. A desired image is printed on ordinary printer (preferably with a printing function). All this is done very quickly, but it has certain drawbacks. First of all it concerns the quality of these magnets, which may have traces (imprints) the lay press. Also, it is not the cheapest way, so it can be applied only in rare cases where only one or two magnets

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The second method of manufacturing vinyl magnet involves printing the image on photo paper or cardboard. Then the final image is laminated and bonded to the magnetic vinyl. As a result, you get a nice gift, made their own hands. Want to know how else to make souvenir magnets? You can take a special form, which is filled with a certain material (resin, plastic, plaster, glue and much more). Selecting the desired mixture, pour them into the mold and evacuated. When the figure will fall asleep, it can be dyed in the desired color. The finished preform can be adhered to a magnet.

The necessary tools for the manufacture of magnets

как делают сувенирные магниты

For rapid production of souvenir magnets on their own, you need a specific set of tools. Matter of priority, we are talking about such things as: 
The personal computer and basic software, the ability to edit photos and images in various formats; 
Color inkjet or laser printer; 
Cutting instruments. 
There are several options for cutting. Magnetic vinyl can be cut both by standard household scissors, and using a special roller cutter. But the best option is a cutter that can ensure not only smooth edges, but also significant savings in the source material.

Of course, the production of high-quality magnets in large quantities is impossible to implement at home. This requires equipment and skills. If you are looking for, where do fridge magnets with original design and an attractive price, you should contact our company. We will do everything efficiently and in the shortest possible time