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SW 08


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Hand Painted Collection.
Hand painted crystal nail files can be also called a small piece of art. These crystal
nail files have all rights to be called like that. The most unique crystal nail files from
whole our assortment. Every single crystal nail file was hand painted by our artists,
no similar painting or pattern even of the same series. Variety of paint colors, designs
and crystal nail files colors allows you to choose a piece of art captured on a quality
crystal nail file. All decorating elements a health safe, as well as our crystal nail files
made from Czech tempered glass.
Without cover 135x1O mm
With cover: 150x20 mm
Weight cca: 10 g
Price: 4.99€/pcs
Without cover: 90x1O mm
With cover: 100x20mm
Weight cca: 6,5 g
Price: 4.49€/pcs

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SW 08

SW 08

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