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Our production of glass nail files

The material from which made by our nail files, Czech tempered glass, the processing of which does not use harmful substances.

The fact of harmlessness to health confirmed by the "Czech State Health Institute in Prague".

Production of glass nail files is performed in several stages:

- the establishment of a special alloy of glass (tempered Czech glass)

- the creation of the eternal surface for sawing nails (special chemical solution)

- knife for glass is cut of the usual form of nail files

grinding the edges of the nail files

- re-hardening the nail files

- glass nail file is ready, it can now paint and decorate in various ways.

The main benefits of Czech glass nail files:

- Hygiene, glass nail files do not absorb moisture and easy to sterilise

- Strength, nail files, made of tempered Czech glass kept falling and intensive everyday use

- Long-lasting surface for nail polishing has a lifetime warranty

- Safety edge nail files are hand-polished and are a danger

- Functionality, manicure, pedicure, removal of hardened skin, gift, souvenir, promotional item, all this is an incomplete list can be used as a glass nail file.